This was my first visit to Philadelphia as an adult. We visited once before on a family trip the summer of 6th grade.  We took photos at the Liberty Bell and drove around the city a bit, my sister and I sharing the back seat of our 1984 Honda Accord.  This trip was different.  I had some time to get a feel for the place.  I arrived a few hours prior to set-up for a show in Rittenhouse Square.  I loved the tight streets and old brick buildings.  Locals told me that Philly has come a long way in the last few years.  Everyone was walking or on a bike.  I rode down little alleys and saw lots of cool bars, coffee shops and bakeries.  I asked around for places to eat and was given several lists of great go-to's.  Described as a Jewish soul food spot, Honey's Sit 'n Eat, was awesome for breakfast.  Sitting outside on the sidewalk eating my latkes with applesauce and sausage, I felt like this was a neighborhood I could get used to.  I will definitely be back.