The past month has been a wonderful blur.  We knew we were scheduled for a show, Labor Day weekend, in Portland.  But, having secured an awesome house sitter (thanks mom!) we took off a few days early and visited friends in Port Townsend.  Josh and Anika, the editors and creative force behind Small Craft Advisor, were great hosts and toured us around their fair city.  What a great town.  Perched on a northernmost point in Washington, it looks out on the Strait of Juan De Fuca and is loaded with nautical history and old weather beaten victorian homes.  The two days we had to visit and catch up, were sadly not enough.  We ended the week with a trip back to Portland.  The van stayed parked at the hotel and we rode our bikes around to discover some of the best breakfast joints, pizza, donuts and knit shops that the city has to offer.  We had dinner with dear friends and made some good sales and connections at the show.  Thanks to that great part of the country for another good weekend and for always making us feel right at home.