With a trip out east for festivals, I was excited to have a few days between shows in Philly and NY for a jaunt out to Long Island.  The busy season was winding down and school was back in session.  This left the winding roads less crowded and the cafe owners with time to talk.  I camped near Montauk, on the beach in Hither Woods State Park.  I was stoked to get a spot at the end of the campground, up against a stand of trees.  This was the perfect spot to park the van and explore.  The picture was taken on a ride that followed the coast into the town of Montauk. I then headed east across the island and dropped down near the harbor on Long Island Sound.  This picture was taken on a small dirt road I took returning to my campsite.  The sun was setting and a few times I had to trust the map on my phone to direct me in the right direction.  As I pedaled along, I  knew the Atlantic was to my left.  If you know where the sea is, I guess its difficult to really lose your way.