Lake Michigan is big, blue and grand.  Nestled along its shore is one of my favorite cities. Once again, I was able to visit this last June for the Lakefront Arts Festival.  I had great neighbors and met some artists that are lucky enough to call this place home.  Jim is a skilled wood worker who grew up here and promised to partner with me on a trip to see the Packers play in Green Bay.  Hopefully it will be snowing.  I definitely want the full Packer home game experience.  I also met Anne who toured me around the Riverwest and Brewers Hill neighborhoods.  We ate some good food and took in some of the bike racing that had taken over that part of the city. 

I always look forward to the possibility of showing my work at this festival in Milwaukee.  There are many more places to explore, alleys to pedal down, and friendly folk to connect with.