It’s been a crazy year. So many unknowns as we launched into COVID this last March. I participated in one show, just before things started to get serious here in California. Little did we know that the whole show season would be a wash with most shows cancelling. Those festivals have been the bulk of our financial livelihood for the last 15 years. But we’ve been trying to figure things out. Building an online presence is slow, but we’re trying to stay focused. We’ve been together most of the year, as a family, for the first time in over a decade. Lots of little house projects have been tended to and I’ve figured out new things to cook. When I cross paths with friends here in town, they ask how things are going. I tell them, “I think I’m going to make it”. That seems like a good thing to aim for. 

Hank and I just surfed together here in the harbor. It’s one of the only spots to surf, when it gets really big. There were friends and lots of waves. 

 2021 feels like it could be better........we’ll see. It’s all been quite the lesson of staying in the moment and leaning into the people you’re  connected with. 

I think we’re going to make it.